Database Configuration:

When you purchase MuCheck, IMRT Check and/or CyberKnife Check, we will build your database using your measured beam data to configure the necessary tables for each of the linear accelerators in your department. The system has great flexibility to accommodate various methods of beam data measurements and calculation preferences.

Our quality assurance guidelines strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All beam data tables are graphed to verify accuracy of data entry. MU calculations are verified using sample plans from your department.

Upon request, we will provide Utilities if you choose to input your beam data in-house, at no charge.

Brachy Check comes with a variety of source factors already configured and ready to use. If the source you are using is not included, we provide easy download of source data from our website that is quickly imported into your data base and ready for you to set the calibration factors.


Your software is shipped with detailed installation instructions. However, if you run into any difficulties we provide personal assistance and can even log into your system to help resolve most issues.


Oncology Data Systems provides on-line training for any number of your staff in attendance.

Customer Support:

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