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Gamma Knife Check is the only commercial independent dose verification second check system that is FDA cleared. It works with Gamma Knife model 4 units - and Perfexion. Using this second algorithmic calculator software brings your facility into compliance when charging for basic dosimetry calculations reported "per shot", separate and distinct from the actual SRS plan. In essence, Gamma Knife Check pays for itself in a very short time! ►Read how!

FDA Cleared - June 2009


  • Ability to import, and configure, all of the following data from GammaPlan Treatment Planning Protocol and Measurements Reports saved in PDF format:
    • Calibration Date
    • Perfexion: Collimator and Off-Axis factors for 4, 8, and 16mm
    • 4C: Collimator and Off-Axis factors for each of the 4 collimator sizes
    • Customizable name for Gamma Knife Units
  • File Management:
    • Information for each patient stored in its own folder
    • Save and Load Patient treatment plan
    • Manage patient folders and check reports through Windows Explorer
  • Skull Geometry:
    • Entry of all 33 helmet measurements
    • Graphical display of simulated skull geometry
    • Ability to view simulated skull geometry from multiple angles
  • Shot Entry:
    • Unlimited number of shot entries
    • Ability to add, delete or edit shots
    • Color-coded collimator images
    • Graphical point-and-click interface of Perfexion collimator sector-blocking and 4C plug pattern
    • Total number of shots and total shot time reported for comparison with GammaPlan report
    • Auto calc of all beamlet depths based on shot coordinates, gamma angle and skull geometry
  • Reference Point:
    • Unlimited number of reference points can be entered
    • Ability to add, delete or edit reference points
    • Automatic warning flag if % differences are greater than 5%
  • Reporting:
    • Preview report on-screen before printing
    • Ability to export report in multiple file formats
      • PDF
      • TIFF
      • RTF
      • TXT
      • HTML
      • comma-delimited text
    • Reports include:
      • Pertinent Patient Info
      • Comparison of TPS Absolute Doses at reference points with corresponding Check Doses
      • Gamma Knife unit data
      • Helmet Measurements
      • Shot summary
      • Area for approval and sign off
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