Oncology Data Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of independent monitor unit/dose validation software for all our second-check needs. We offer a suite of products for a variety of different radiation treatment modalities, including traditional linac-based treatments, brachytherapy, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, and more. Modules in our product suite may be purchased individually or in a customized bundle to best suit your treatment center's needs. This allows our customers to configure a personalized package providing only the tools needed.


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MuCheck - Conformal 2D/3D

This was the first software sold under the MuCheckmoniker and logo in 1998. It was developed as a second-check monitor unit calculator for conformal 2D/3D treatment plans. Over the years, it has been fine-tuned to work with all of the major radiation treatment planning systems and has won praises from our customers for its ease of use.

IMRT Check

In 2001, we introduced IMRT Check for dynamic and static IMRT plans, as well as rotational arc plans. IMRT Check was developed to be as easy-to-use as it's conformal predecessor, but with additional tools and enhancements for IMRT treatment plans. IMRT Check can be used along with film dosimetry and phantom studies for your Quality Assurance procedures.

VMAT Module

 The latest addition to the MuCheck suite of products, our VMAT module features an additional set of tools and an improved calculation algorithm tailored to rotational arc plans. This module includes the ability to read in a CT image set and automatically calculate the depth information all around an arc, resulting in an improved calculation. In addition, it features several additional tools for easy calculation of rotational arc plans. It can also be used for traditional (static-gantry) IMRT calculations.


CyberKnife Check

 CyberKnife Check was developed in order to provide customers with a second-check solution for CyberKnife treatment plans. With an intuitive point-and-click interface, CyberKnife Check reads files from MultiPlan and calculates even the largest treatment plans quickly and effectively with no manual input required from the user. CyberKnife Check works with all current models of CyberKnife, including the M6 unit. In addition, it works with all available collimator types, including fixed, Iris, and multi-leaf collimators.



 Receiving it's FDA clearance in 2006, BrachyCheck was the first on the market for HDR, LDR, Electronic sources and Permanent seed implants.

Gamma Knife Check

 The only FDA cleared dose validation software available for Gamma Knife treatment, Gamma Knife Check is a wonderful tool for second-check dose calculations for Gamma Knife plans. Gamma Knife Check works with Model 4 and Perfexion units, as well as the new Icon. With the ability to directly import plan data from GammaPlan as well as an intuitive graphical interface, performing second-check calculations with Gamma Knife Check is a breeze. Gamma Knife Check brings your facility into compliance for basic dosimetry calculation charges "per shot".


Released in 2016, our TomoCheck is an easy-to-use second-check solution for TomoTherapy® treatment plans. TomoCheck automatically imports the CT image set and structure files, and automatically calculates effective depth information - reducing the amount of input for the user. TomoCheck has a point-and-click interface, allowing users to calculate the dose and compare with the TPS by simply clicking the desired point on the CT image. The TomoCheck software provides sagittal, transverse, and coronal views of the patient for a 3D visualization, as well as the sinogram.