IMRT Check


IMRT Check was developed in response to the need to independently verify the dose calculated by the treatment planning system's IMRT. IMRT Check can be used in addition to film dosimetry and phantom studies as yet another verification process in your Quality Assurance procedures.


  • FDA 510(k) market clearance
  • Very intuitive with only two input screens required to verify the dose calculated by a treatment planning system or phantom measurements
  • Multiple file import utilities
    • Direct import of MLC file from planning system
    • DICOM RT import
    • RTP plan files import
  • Supports all Varian, Elekta and Siemens MLC configurations, including Brainlab Mini-MLC
  • Supports off-axis calculations
  • Calculates SAD or SSD setups
  • Volumetric averaging around reference point
    • Optionally average 9 points around user-defined area
    • Shows dose at each point
  • Supports static (step and shoot) and Dynamic (sliding window) IMRT plans
  • Photon Energy Adjustments
    • Allows adjusting due to rounded leaf tips
    • Allows overall leaf transmission adjustments
  • Ability to save plan calculations for later recall
  • Uses algorithm developed by J. H. Kung (Medical Physics 27(10), p. 2226, October 2000)
    • Modified Clarkson's integration
    • Uses annulars rather than pie sectors
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