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Oncology Data Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive set of MUCheck software applications that cover a wide range of radiation treatment modalities. Whether your cancer center uses traditional linac-based treatment, brachytherapy, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, TomoTherapy, or any combination of the above, we can offer a customized product suite tailored to the way YOU do business.


ODS has been in the independent dose calculation business since 1998, making us among the most experienced on the market. Our staff is centrally located in Oklahoma City, OK. Because we all work in the same office building daily, we are in constant communication with each other. A single email or phone call will get you access to all of the expertise.

Gamma Knife Check

We are the only company that offers an FDA-cleared second-check solution for Gamma Knife treatment plans. If your treatment center includes a Gamma Knife, MUCheck can be a one-stop shop for all of your independent dose validation software.

Arc Therapy

For customers who do arc therapy, our VMAT Check module offers a sophisticated set of tools to make arc calculations much easier. Incorporating the CT image set, structure, and dose files enables our powerful VMAT Check application to automatically calculate all the depth information at each control point. This eliminates the need for manual input, greatly simplifying your second-check process. In addition, it offers a more accurate calculation than traditional second-check methods, which rely on average depth information. We have also introduced a new algorithm for increased calculation accuracy. The VMAT module also incorporates some additional tools that help provide a more comprehensive analysis of your rotational arc plans.


Our TomoTherapy second-check application features a unique graphical interface that greatly simplifies your calculations. Simply click on any point on the CT image slice and TomoCheck will automatically calculate the dose to that point and compare it with the treatment planning system.

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