TomoCheck is the newest addition to our MuCheck suite of independent dose calculation software. It has been designed by physicists to increase safety and help reduce potential errors related to Helical TomoTherapy® treatment planning. TomoCheck is easy to use, with an entirely point-and-click interface, eliminating the need for manual entry. This powerful software interfaces with the TomoTherapy treatment planning system to import necessary DICOM files to perform a secondary dose calculation on patient plans.

TomoCheck allows you to compare the dose at ANY point within the CT image. Simply click on any point within the CT image, and TomoCheck will calculate a dose to that point and compare it with the TPS dose – it’s that easy. No need to keep going back to the treatment planning system to set a different point for your second-check calculation.

TomoCheck generates a comprehensive report for your patient file, including a comprehensive breakdown of the plan data, dose comparison at the selected point, and a visual display of CT slice, sinogram, and projection data.


  • Imports DICOM files – CT image set, plan, dose, and structures
  • Displays DRR – Coronal, sagittal, and transverse
  • Easily scroll through CT image set to visually determine point placement within patient
  • Displays sinogram
  • Automatic (and independent) calculation of effective depth to the calculation point
  • Displays regions of interest from the structures file
  • Both horizontal and vertical dose profiles

Contact Us:

For more information about how you can add TomoCheck to your MuCheck product suite, please contact us at info@mucheck.com.


Main screen of the TomoCheck software

TomoCheck Main Screen