We provide a comprehensive suite of MUCheck independent dose/MU second-check products that can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your cancer center. The modules we offer include the following:


Released in 1998, our flagship product has been one of the pioneers in the realm of independent second-check calculation software. Our MuCheck software provides a flexible solution for photon and electron calculations.

IMRT Check

IMRT Check provides a robust, customizable solution for IMRT second-checks.


BrachyCheck is an easy-to-use solution for performing second-check calculations on brachytherapy plans

CyberKnife Check

CyberKnife Check works with all of the current CyberKnife configurations – including fixed, Iris, and multi-leaf collimators.

Gamma Knife Check

Released in 2009, our Gamma Knife Check solution is the only FDA-cleared commercially available second-check system for Gamma Knife calculations. Our software works with model 4, Perfexion, and Icon units. Database connectivity to GammaPlan enables you to easily import data and perform calculations with the click of a button.

VMAT Module

Designed especially for customers who do a lot of rotational arc plans, VMAT provides a sophisticated set of tools tailored for the unique characteristics of arc plans. With the ability to import CT image data, structure files, and dose files, our VMAT solution can automatically calculate SSD and depth information for each control point in an arc plan. Enhanced tools allow for off-axis calculation, the ability to see beams-eye-view data for each gantry position, and the ability to compare various points without having to go back to the planning system.


The newest addition to the MUCheck family, TomoCheck is a graphical point-and-click solution for helical TomoTherapy plans. Simply click any point within the CT image on screen, and our software performs a second-check calculation to that point and compares it to the corresponding point in the planning system. It really is that easy!