March 2017: Gamma Knife Check 9.1.0 released

Some of our existing customers have requested a “detail” section for our Gamma Knife Report – and now you have it! Our optional detail section displays the calculated contribution from each shot to each of the reference points. If you prefer a simpler layout, you still have the option of only showing the total calculated dose (from all shots combined) to each reference point.

June 2016: Gamma Knife Check 9.0.0 released

We are excited to announce that the latest version of our Gamma Knife Check software now includes support for CT image data. This can be used instead of the 33 bubble helmet measurements (although helmet measurements are still supported). The CT image data, if it exists in GammaPlan, imports automatically and is used by our software to reconstruct the patient skull geometry. No changes to your existing Gamma Knife Check workflow process are necessary.

This version also includes full support for Leksell GammaPlan version 11, as well as full support for the Gamma Knife Icon.

September 2015: Gamma Knife Check 8.6.0 released

Improved accuracy in cerebellum calculations.

How Can Gamma Knife Check Help Your Clinic?

As the ONLY FDA cleared second-check program for Gamma Knife treatments, our Gamma Knife Check software provides an additional level of dose verification for your treatment plans. This leads to enhanced patient safety and helps ensure that your patients are being correctly treated.

AAPM TG-40 recommends that a second-check calculation be performed for all radiation treatments. Gamma Knife Check fulfills this need for Gamma Knife treatment plans.

The Gamma Knife Check software is easy to set up and use, and users appreciate the intuitive point-and-click interface. Integration with GammaPlan treatment planning system allows users to easily import all necessary plan data, therefore reducing or eliminating the need for manual input. Users may also choose to manually enter plan data. Calculations are fast, accurate, and reliable, adding minimal time to your treatment process.

Gamma Knife Check calculations may be billable under CPT 77300 for up to 10 shots per plan. Consequently, this can provide an additional revenue stream for your department. Note: billing codes are constantly being updated; please check with your billing expert.


  • Import via direct link with GammaPlan treatment planning system (all versions of GammaPlan)
  • Manual input of plan data
  • Use bubble helmet measurements
  • JUST ADDED: CT support – Gamma Knife Check can read the CT skull geometry information and use this to re-create the 33 skull measurements.
  • Graphical display of patient’s skull geometry
  • Software allows an unlimited number of shots per plan
  • Users have the ability to add, delete or edit shots
  • Software automatically calculates all beamlet depths based on shot coordinates, gamma angle and skull geometry
  • Unlimited number of reference points can be entered
  • Fully customizable – ability to add, delete or edit reference points
  • Automatic warning flag if % differences are greater than the user-specified tolerance.
  • Preview report on-screen before printing
  • Ability to export report in several different file formats (including .pdf)


This 8-minute video demonstrates how easy it is to setup Gamma Knife Check and use it to perform a second-check calculation.

Image Gallery

  • Skull Geometry

    Skull geometry in Gamma Knife Check uses the 33 bubble helmet measurements. These measurements can be taken manually, or Gamma Knife Check can calculate them using CT image data. The software allows editing of the skull measurements, as well as a 3D visual representation of the patient’s skull geometry.

  • Dose Calculation

    Calculating dose with Gamma Knife Check is simple and easy. Once all of the information has been imported and verified, simply click the “Calculate Check Dosages” button. This will calculate the contribution from each shot to all of the reference point listed. Calculations are generally very fast, taking only seconds.

  • Editing a Shot

    The Gamma Knife Check software allows for up to 52 shot targets, and an unlimited number of shots on each plan. All shots are fully editable, and shots can be added and deleted if desired.

  • Setting up Your Gamma Knife

    Gamma Knife Check requires the calibration dose and calibration date for initial setup. You can also optionally modify the collimator factors.

  • Reporting

    The Gamma Knife Check report shows a comprehensive breakdown of the treatment plan data. All the calculated and TPS values are listed side-by-side, with an indicator if any doses fall outside of the specified range.