Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What hours are your tech support staff available?
A. Oncology Data Systems (ODS) technical support staff is available from 8:00am – 5:00pm Central Time at 405-680-5222 or by email at

Q. What is the typical wait time to receive a response from your tech support?
A. All of our support staff is located at our home office and includes actual developers of the software. If no one is available to speak to you when you call, you can leave a message and someone from the support staff will get back to you as soon as they are available. Normally, someone is available to speak to you immediately.

Q. What beam data do I need to supply for the database configuration for MuCheck, IMRT Check and/or CyberKnife Check?
A. ODS will supply you with a Beam Data Checklist which details all of the necessary data and the formatting options.

Q. What operating systems are supported with the ODS suite of software?
A. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit versions).

Q. Can ODS’s Gamma Knife Check be used as a dose verification second check that qualifies for reimbursement under CPT code 77300 for Gamma Knife treatment?
A. In many cases, yes. As billing codes are constantly changing, please check with a billing expert for the most up-to-date answers regarding billing for independent second-check calculations.

Q. How can I get the latest version of my ODS software?
A. If you are CURRENT on your maintenance contract, you should call or email ODS for instructions on how to obtain the latest version.

Q. If I am replacing a computer that has ODS software on it, how do I move my software to the new computer?
A. The first step is to install the MuCheck software on the new computer (Note: the software must be re-installed; it can NOT be copied from the old computer). The software may be installed either using the original CDs (provided when you purchased the software) or via downloaded installation files (provided whenever a software update is requested). If you are current on your maintenance contract, ODS will provide you with an installation file for the latest version(s) of the software. After you have installed the software on the new computer, call ODS to have a new license key issued.

Q. How can I get the data for a new source for my BrachyCheck?
A. BrachyCheck comes configured with most HDR sources. If the source you need is not listed under Physics Data/Enable Disable Sources, you may contact ODS for instructions on how to download the data from our website.