DICOM File Anonymizer – FREE Download

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To commemorate our 20th anniversary, Oncology Data Systems, Inc. has created this free DICOM anonymizer in appreciation for all those in the medical physics and dosimetry communites. Thank you for all you do for your in the fight against cancer.

Our DICOM anonymizer is designed to remove patient-identifying information (name, patient ID, date of birth) from a DICOM file. This allows you to send the files between entities without distributing HIPAA-protected information. It can be used to send DICOM files to vendors, or to other hospitals to be used for research purposes.

Click here to view the DICOM Anonymizer User Manual

Click Here to download the DICOM Anonymizer

MUCheck DICOM AnonymizerInstallation

MuCheck DICOM Anonymizer installation requires administrator rights to install. Please do not attempt to install the software unless you are logged in as an administrator. If you do not have administrator access, contact your IT department before installing the software.

If installing the DICOM Anonymizer from a media that does not autostart, please click on the setup.exe file to launch the installation.

Intended Use

The intended use of the MuCheck Anonymizer software is to allow conversion of a DICOM file to anonymous patient information for public non-encrypted movement between entities for testing or other diagnostic purposes. It is not intended to be used for treatment of any kind following anonymization.