Oncology Data Systems, Inc. has worked closely with the physicists at Accuray to develop a second check system for their CyberKnife® robotic linear accelerator to create the CyberKnife Check second-check software. CyberKnife Check is easy to use, featuring a point-and-click interface with no manual input required from the user. The software works with the CyberKnife fixed and Iris collimators, as well as the newer MLC collimators (both InCise and InCise2).

Calculations using the CyberKnife Check software are quick and easy, and provide the option to either print plan data in a .pdf format, or export the plan information to Excel. Our sorting and filtering features allow you to easily analyze the beams on a CyberKnife plan using multiple criteria. For customers using the InCise or InCise2 MLC with their CyberKnife, our software provides the option to display the MLC shape and calculation point location for each beam.


  • Easy point-and-click interface for calculating CyberKnife plans
  • Works with all available CyberKnife collimator types: fixed, Iris, and MLC
  • Imports plans directly from MultiPlan treatment planning system (uses .xml files for newer versions of MultiPlan) – no manual input
  • Calculates dose and MU and displays the % difference for each beam
  • Calculates dose for an unlimited number of beams
  • Sort beams using over a dozen different options
  • Filtering tools let customers narrow down the beams list based on specified criteria
  • View the MLC shape and calculation point location (multi-leaf collimator only)
  • Export beam data to Excel
  • Exports reports into PDF format – both detail and summary reports available



The CyberKnife Check software has one main screen with all of the relevant calculation information. Everything is in one place – no clicking around between screens!

CyberKnife Check - Main Screen

For customers using the InCise or InCise2 MLC, CyberKnife Check provides the option to view the MLC shape with the calculation point. This comes in handy when trying to assess whether the calculation point is within the field.

CyberKnife Check - MLC Shape