BrachyCheck provides a quick and reliable way to verify the dose calculated by your TPS system. The intuitive software can be used with any brachytherapy source – HDR, LDR, Electronic or Permanent Implants. It follows the AAPM TG43 formalism to calculate dose using data imported from a variety of treatment planning systems.

FDA Cleared – May 2006


  • Imports via DICOM, FTP and text files
    • Patient Information
    • Dose Points
    • Dwell Positions
    • Catheter Data
  • Import from Treatment Planning Systems
    • Brachyvision
    • Plato
    • OncentraBrachy
    • Variseed
    • Prowess
  • Simple download of Source Data
  • Easy Calibration Information update
  • Automatic Source Decay
  • Calculates 2D or 1D
  • *New* – Change Treatment Date Option
  • Provides Detail and Summary Reports
  • View and Print Reports
  • Save Reports in .xls, .pdf, .tif or .rtf format
  • Graphical Display of
    • Dose Points
    • Dwell Points
    • Color-coded Catheter reconstruction

BrachyCheck Screen Shots

  • BrachyCheck Main Calculation Screen

    Main calculation screen for the MUCheck BrachyCheck software.

  • BrachyCheck Catheter Screen

    Catheter view screen of transverse, sagittal, and coronal views for the MUCheck BrachyCheck software